Jewelry Company Zarapkhana Warranty Terms and Conditions


Warranty terms:

1. The jewelry company Zarapkhana is responsible for the jewelry goods produced at the manufacturer and provide you with 12 months warranty against a manufacturing defect. 

2. Before distributing in stores, each of Zarapkhana’s creations is subject to several thorough procedures of quality analysis. 

3. he warranty covers jewelry repair in case of detecting manufacturing defect. 

4. Manufacturing defect is established as a result of expertise or lab report. 

5. In order to establish the origin of defect, manufacturer reserves the right to keep the damaged product in order to perform an independent expertise within 20 calendar days. 




Manufacturing Defect:

If the manufacturing defect is established and if the product is subject to repair, company will cover the repairs at its own costs, if:

1. micropores are formed on the product.

2. The stone is removed due to improper fastening.


If the manufacturing defect is established and if the product is not a subject to repair, company will replace the product at its own costs, if:

1. The information covered in the passport does not correspond to your jewelry and the actual data established on the basis of expertise or lab reports. 

Note: In case of diamonds or natural stones, customer may determine, at its sole discretion, to require the verification of gemstone data before purchasing it. Warranty does not apply to diamonds and natural stones if the certain flaw is detected after purchasing them. 


The following can not be considered a manufacturing defect:

1. The damage caused due to improper jewelry usage.

2. A loss of gemstone or its removal as a result of improper jewelry usage.


If a customer has an impression that the jewelry product purchased by them has a manufacturing defect, they should bring the product at the expertise and analysis service, at the central office of the company, under the following conditions:

1. The warranty passport of the corresponding jewelry product.

2. The corresponding stone – in case of stone removal. 


Due to customer’s failure to fulfill the aforementioned terms and conditions, reclamation for manufacturing defect will not be accepted.