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General Care

Over time, fine jewelry can become a true family treasure. For that to happen it should be cared for properly. Dust, different kinds of domestic things (such as soap and washing powder) and daily wear might damage it. With proper care, your jewelry will retain its brilliance, beauty and character for many generations to come. That is why we encourage you to read our basic advices on how to care for your precious creations.

  1. Keep your jewelry in a clean and dry place.
  2. Store your jewelry in an individual pouch, in the original Zarapxana box or in a separate compartment of jewelry box. If you plan to store the jewelry in an ordinary box, it is recommended to wrap it in a soft paper.
  3. Before removing your jewelry creation, make sure it is dry as the wet jewelry can become stained over time.
  4. Do not store the different jewelry together as this can cause its damage.
  5. If possible, remove your jewelry before starting any household activity, especially washing and laundering, as certain chemical compounds can damage it.
  6. It is very important to keep your jewelry away from chlorous water as the substances containing chlorine cause its damage.
  7. Fabric used to clean your jewelry should be of a soft surface material and not a synthetic fabric.


Diamond is a very celebrated jewelry. Some of the diamond creations, such as engagement and bridal rings, are worn by us for 24 hours a day. Nevertheless the precautions you take with such jewelry, it requires some special care and refit from time to time. Even though a diamond is distinguished by its durability, it still needs special precautions. Different kinds of powders, soaps and natural oils can damage it and can cloud its initial brilliance. The pure diamond has more sparkle as more rays of light can penetrate through it.

  • Do not wear the diamond jewelry in case you have planned some rough activity. Diamond is one of the sturdiest stones, although it can still be damaged.
  • Avoid the contact of your diamond with abrasive and hard surfaces. Even a diamond can become fissured if hit with enough force or at the right angle.
  • Chlorine can damage a diamond and cause its discoloration. Avoid chlorine and other household chemical compounds. You should as well remove your jewelry before going to swimming pool.


There are lots of gemstones in the world, and some of them require thorough care. It would be difficult to speak about all of the gemstones; however, the certain basic rules of care will be introduced below.

  • Many natural gemstones require supplementary procedures in order to achieve the final shapes. These procedures, partially, determine the techniques of their care.
  • After wearing the jewelry creation, clean it gently with a neat, soft and slightly damp cloth. As a result, before storing it, your jewelry will be clean and protected from dust.
  • Store each of your jewelry creations separately.
  • Avoid the contact of the gemstones with salty water, different kinds of chemical compounds and chlorine. Those compounds may damage the stone and cause the disintegration of minerals. If possible, wear your jewelry after applying cosmetics. After removing the jewelry, it is advisable to clean them to make sure that the cosmetic does not remain on the creation.
  • Avoid exposing your jewelry to extreme temperature changes.
  • Avoid the contact of the gemstones with abrasive and hard surfaces. Such contact can easily damage the precious stone.


Gold creations, typically, represent the most part of family jewelry heritage. Gold is different by its color and composition. However, the general rules of care also apply to it.

  • Remove your gold jewelry before having a bath or shower. Soap causes stains on the surface of gold, and as a final result, affecting its beauty. The more precautions you take toward protecting your gold jewelry from stains, the less you will have to clean it.
  • There are many commercial means of cleaning your gold jewelry at home. A simple suede cloth can be of great help. However, before cleaning it, it is advisable to consult at our jewelry stores.
  • Avoid chlorine, especially during a high temperature. Chlorine can cause a very quick discoloration of gold. Avoid wearing your gold jewelry at a swimming pool and during household activities, especially while washing and laundering.
  • It is easy to remove drippings from the gold, if you place it in an alcohol for a while. However, you should still be careful if this is the jewelry with a gemstone as alcohol can cause the damage of the latter. This recommendation applies only to the precious metals that do not have gemstones.

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